MQT Core - The Backbone of the Munich Quantum Toolkit (MQT)#

The MQT Core library forms the backbone of the quantum software tools developed as part of the Munich Quantum Toolkit (MQT) by the Chair for Design Automation at the Technical University of Munich. This includes the following tools:

  • MQT DDSIM: A Tool for Classical Quantum Circuit Simulation based on Decision Diagrams.

  • MQT QMAP: A Tool for Quantum Circuit Mapping.

  • MQT QCEC: A Tool for Quantum Circuit Equivalence Checking.

  • MQT QECC: A Tool for Quantum Error Correcting Codes.

  • MQT DDVis: A Web-Application visualizing Decision Diagrams for Quantum Computing.

  • MQT SyReC: A Tool for Synthesis of Reversible Circuits/Quantum Computing Oracles.

For a full list of tools and libraries, please visit the MQT website.

MQT Core encompasses:

  • MQT::Core: An intermediate representation (IR) for quantum computations including means to import and export circuits in various formats.

  • MQT::CoreDD: A fully-fledged decision diagram (DD) library for quantum computing.

  • MQT::CoreZX: A library for working with ZX-diagrams and the ZX-calculus.

  • MQT::CoreECC: A library for working with error correcting codes (ECCs) for quantum computing.

  • MQT::CorePython: A Python interface for the MQT Core library (e.g., facilitating the import of Qiskit QuantumCircuits).

System Requirements#

Building (and running) is continuously tested under Linux, MacOS, and Windows using the latest available system versions for GitHub Actions. However, the implementation should be compatible with any current C++ compiler supporting C++17 and a minimum CMake version of 3.19.

It is recommended (although not required) to have GraphViz installed for visualization purposes.

If you want to use the ZX library, it is recommended (although not strictly necessary) to have GMP installed in your system.