class Configuration

Configuration options for the QCEC quantum circuit equivalence checking tool

The Configuration class provides all the means to configure QCEC. All of the options are split into the following categories:

All of these options can be passed to the verify() and verify_compilation() methods as keyword arguments.

class ConfigurationOptions[source]

A dictionary of configuration options.

The keys of this dictionary are the names of the configuration options. The values are the values of the configuration options.

additional_instantiations: int
alternating_scheme: ApplicationScheme | ApplicationSchemeName
backpropagate_output_permutation: bool
check_partial_equivalence: bool
construction_scheme: ApplicationScheme | ApplicationSchemeName
elide_permutations: bool
fidelity_threshold: float
fix_output_permutation_mismatch: bool
fuse_single_qubit_gates: bool
max_sims: int
nthreads: int
numerical_tolerance: float
parallel: bool
parameterized_tolerance: float
profile: str
reconstruct_swaps: bool
remove_diagonal_gates_before_measure: bool
reorder_operations: bool
run_alternating_checker: bool
run_construction_checker: bool
run_simulation_checker: bool
run_zx_checker: bool
seed: int
simulation_scheme: ApplicationScheme | ApplicationSchemeName
state_type: StateType | StateTypeName
store_cex_input: bool
store_cex_output: bool
timeout: float
trace_threshold: float
transform_dynamic_circuit: bool

There, they are incorporated into the Configuration using the augment_config_from_kwargs() function.

augment_config_from_kwargs(config, kwargs)[source]

Augment an existing Configuration with options from a collection of keyword arguments.

Return type: