This class captures the main results and statistics from run().

class Results

Equivalence checking results

Most importantly, it provides the preprocessing as well as the equivalence checking time and the obtained results.


Time spent during preprocessing (in seconds).


Time spent during equivalence check (in seconds).


Final result of the equivalence check.

Furthermore, there is some information on the conducted simulations.


Number of simulations that have been started.


Number of simulations that have been finished.

If configured, it also includes state vector representations of the state used as input and the two resulting states in case a counterexample is obtained by any simulation.


State vector representation of the initial state that produced a counterexample.


State vector representation of the first circuit’s counterexample output state.


State vector representation of the second circuit’s counterexample output state.

Last but not least, the class provides some convenience functions to check and print the result.

Results.considered_equivalent(self: mqt.qcec.pyqcec.EquivalenceCheckingManager.Results) bool

Convenience function to check whether the obtained result is to be considered equivalent.

Results.json(self: mqt.qcec.pyqcec.EquivalenceCheckingManager.Results) json

Returns a JSON-style dictionary of the results.

Results.__repr__(self: mqt.qcec.pyqcec.EquivalenceCheckingManager.Results) str